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Dedicated to pairing our clients with the very best staff

Finding trustworthy and dependable staff could truly be one of the biggest challenge when planning an event, but luckily JJ Staffing Events will surely alleviate all your worries.  

Founded almost a decade ago, JJ Staffing Events provides sensible and professional help for any type, size or located event you are planning. We staff events ranging from a small group of friends in a sit-down dinner to corporate events and show stopping weddings!

Our highly experienced wait staff, kitchen assistants, bartenders and an array of other services provided have years of experience from the homes in the Westchester area to New York City high rises to top-of-the-line venues all around. 

Our staff are all English speaking and will all come prepared for the job at hand. All are neatly groomed and will uphold the standard of the site. 

We understand that one of the major worries regarding any event is the thought that there is not one person you can count on as being the supervisor of the staff, with JJ, all events are staffed with a supervisor and that person is your go-to for any questions or concerns. 

Worrying about the event is simply a thing of the past; our staff know what to do and all will be done according to the directed instructions. 

We do it all, the set-up, break- down and leave the site in an impeccable state. We will make sure there is always plenty of food that will be served to your guests and throughout the events duration, the staff will constantly make sure that everything is tidy and clean.

The food will be ready to eat and the drinks will always be delicious. Never again see your guests holding onto their waste, as our staff never stop roaming the site making sure to politely ask for their dirty napkins, cups, and Hors d’oeuvre plates. 

Seated dinners will have all necessary utensils ready to go and staff will professionally serve the meals for the evening.

We understand what it truly takes to make your event a complete success and we also understand that you want to actually be able to enjoy and bask in the enjoyment of your event, so let us take on the worry! 

On our website,, you will be able to see photographs of past events and as well read authentic testimonials from satisfied clients. We are here to help, call us anytime at 917.795.5272 and a JJ associate will provide you with all the necessary information you require. 

JJ Staffing Events is the staffing agency that will finally provide you with peace of mind and an ability to instead of looking from the outside in, to actually enjoy the event! 

Why take on more worries than already given? Let JJ Staffing Events show you a staff that will always act accordingly and provide the utmost professional and cordial assistance to the most important part of the event, the clients!

Don’t trust my words, trust our work! Give us a chance to provide you with our staff and you will see the difference and experience what a professional and experienced staff are able to provide you with. 

I thank you for your time and if you have any questions or concerns, or would simply like to speak about JJ Staffing Events and our staff, please do not hesitate to call or e- mail. Thank you again!


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