Run food from kitchen to banquet hall on demand

Help with food and venue set-up before the event starts.

Organize buffets with food presentation standards and practices in mind.

Serve silver dinners to guests and respond to requests for drinks, appetizers, and other needs.

Communicate with the event supervisor, as well as other servers

Serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Opening wine and taking drink orders.

Clean up the venue after the event is over and help with inventory, food storage, and other closing tasks

Stocking the bar with liquor, syrups, glasses, napkins, and other items before, during, and after service

Preparing garnishes, refilling ice wells, and changing beer kegs

Cleaning up spills, removing glassware, and organizing the counter

Keeping the bar area neat and clean

Coordinating with Bartender’s  and supervisor to ensure efficient service

Handling urgent situations such as broken glasses and clogged drains

Work closely with the Event Coordinator

Manage banquet room set-up

Manage a team of servers during events Confirm that the venue is ready before guests arrive

Interact with the host to respond to any special requests or last-minute adjustments

Respond to questions, complaints, or comments that may arise

Assign specific tasks to servers and work closely with kitchen staff

Supervise clean up and storage duties

Pick the perfect venue

Furniture & rentals

Find event entertainment

Find event decor

Select your event catering & Staff

Finalize other event elements for your event’s goal


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While some sites will be already set-cup once the servers arrive, in some cases clients will direct the staff to complete the set-up. The set-up may/ will include setting up the tables, chairs, dress the tables with linens, and set the tables with china, silverware, napkins, and glasses

Table Services
For a Sit- Down Event, French Services servers will bring plates of food to each table assigned to them and clean afterward to make room for each subsequent course. Servers working a sit-down may be assigned more than one table to tend to. For buffet events, food will be kept fresh and hot at all times; trays of food will also be replaced as they are emptied.

After the meals, the servers will ready themselves for clean-up. At a sit-down-style event, this could mean removing the plates, silverware, glassware, and lines; this also applies to buffet dinners with the addition of the break-down of the buffet area, remove all unfinished trays of food, and deconstructing the serving dishes. In other occasions, this could mean breaking down the tables and stacking chairs.



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